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Graduates from our Cyber Transform Programs have gone on to work for

Graduates from our Cyber Security Bootcamps have gone on to work for

Cyber Transform Career Mastery Program by Peak Cyber Institute Success Stories

Nandini L.

How Nandini launched her career in cybersecurity and landed an amazing job with 0 job experience

Michael I.

How Michael DOUBLED his salary as a cybersecurity analyst in less than 6 months!

Ina B.

How Ina Became a Cybersecurity Consultant at Deloitte in a couple of months (and she was a Biology Teacher Before!)

Jola M.

How Jola Became a Cybersecurity Professional/GRC expert in a major financial institution and completed the entire process in just a couple of months WITHOUT a degree or years of experience!

Daniel W.

As a marketing & sales professional, learn how Daniel upgraded his career to cyber security in just a couple of months! (while bypassing other candidates with more "experience")

Harry H.

Harry's Journey from IT Support Specialist to Cyber Security Expert

Fatma C.

Learn how Fatma became a Cyber Security Consultant & Pre-Sales Engineer (and received stock offers + a hefty 6-figure salary)

Hasnain K.

Started working as a cyber security engineer and upgraded his salary & lifestyle! (and claimed his powers by negotiating his salary!)

Liam T.

As an army veteran, learn how Liam landed a high paying job in Amazon's IT team as Linux Security Engineer

David A.

Learn how David landed his unique role in a major oil company (the role was specifically created for him!)

Alex Cook

Coming from a very different background but now working as a cyber security administrator in a university, and living his dreams!


Marco's amazing story to change his career from hospitality to the cybersecurity sector!

Xheni V.

How Xheni started working for the Lufthansa IT department and took a big step towards a high paying cybersecurity opportunities in the future!

Ekmel I.

How Ekmel 3x his salary by accepting an offer from Amazon as he continues to build his skills to become a penetration tester

Erhan S.

How Erhan leveraged his Physical Security & Operations Managements Background and Received a Fantastic Offer from Hyundai


How Huseyin went from a broke graduate doing odd jobs to THRIVE in his cybersecurity career? Bought his first house, got married, expecting a baby with his wife... What's next? :)

Joseph B.

How Joseph Switched His Career From Medical Device Industry to Cyber Security!

Klevis S.

Becoming a digital nomad in cybersecurity? Yes, please! How Klevis turned his academic job into a lucrative cybersecurity career in just a few short months, living as an expat in the country he LOVES!


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Other Testimonials

"I'd never have done it without this support. Thanks a lot Peak Cyber Institute team!"

Cybersecurity Business Developer

"Started my dream career in just a couple of months! Many thanks to Peak Cyber Institute team."

IT Security Support Specialist (Hull, UK)

Mentors at Peak Cyber Institute are experts in giving top class advice and practical tuition to individuals who want transform their career in or to cyber security. They have considerable understanding and skill in identifying and solving obstacles to your personal career advancement and working
with you to support you to overcome them.

David Cukier
Senior Level Practitioner specialising in
Internal Audit & IT Audit

"The program boosted my career in just a couple
of months and I was able to land a dream cybersecurity analyst career. Highly recommended!"

Cybersecurity Analyst (Cambridge, UK)

"Peak Cyber Institute mentors always have been behind me. Massive thank you for supporting me!"

Cybersecurity Analyst (London, UK)

"The best way to change or upgrade your career is to join this community!"

Security Engineer

I’ve started my cybersecurity journey with no skills, but I was fully
committed. It was a bit hard to prepare, but still, I never gave up. Finally, I landed my dream job in a security domain in the UK! Many thanks to Peak Cyber Institute and the team! My recommendation would be: always continue and never give up! Also, before quitting your dream, think about why you started this journey!

Uthanda Raja Dasannadar
Senior Technical Lead

"If you actually follow the program, things will happen, things will come. And if you are passionate about this, you will get a job."

SOC Analyst

"During the call, I received valuable feedback & advice. I really appreciate
the way Emin tried to understand my background, current situation and aspirations in cybersecurity and then suggested me the next course of action, it helped me a lot for my future plans. Thanks again for your time, valuable feedback and encouraging words."

Amol Joge
Senior Software Developer | Albany/New York

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Our Founder Delivered a Cybersecurity Training for Nato
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Open Source Intelligence(OSINT) Live Training From Our Mentors
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Our Graduates Celebrate Their Wins!
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