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Help the next generation of cybersecurity professionals gain real work experience while securing your data.

How It Works?

Peak Cyber Institute provides cybersecurity assessment work pro bono for non-profits. Depending on the security needs of the organization, we lead the engagement with the support of our students.

Our Students

Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds and are passionate about cybersecurity. Students sign NDAs and approach the live assessment as if they were on the job.

Asked Questions

Anyone who has some education, understanding and experience in IT, or someone coming from a relevant business experience who is looking to advance their career towards cyber security.

The course is completely online. All you need is an internet connection.

Becoming a cyber security analyst takes time and effort. We’ve built a curriculum to teach you what you should know to land a job. The course length is 6 months, but students have the flexibility to complete the course sooner since some part of the content is self-paces. We expect students will finish the course in 6 months working at ~20 hours per week.

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