How to Get a Cybersecurity Job?

4 Skills That Hiring Managers Are Looking For

Live Webinar • Thursday, Feb 25th • 3pm GMT


Emin Caliskan

Founder & CEO at Peak Cyber Institute

Bharat Thakrar

Head of Career Mentoring at Peak Cyber Institute

In this Live Webinar Series by Peak Cyber Institute, you will learn the latest news, strategies and tactics to maximize your potential in cybersecurity careers. and land your dream job to secure your future!

In this Webinar Series, We’re Going to Show You...

  • A step-by-step gameplan to start your cybersecurity career, without going back to college or wasting your time with useless video courses, even if you are working full time and have lots of other responsibilities.
  • From accredited certifications to hands-on skills and on-the-job experience, discover the easiest and fastest way to get everything you need to become a cybersecurity professional and hit 6-figure salaries!
  • Why it's so hard for many people to make this career change, even if they collect tons of certifications... And the simple strategy you can use with your already available abilities!
  • The secret to land the cybersecurity jobs you love in just a couple of months...And how you can do this WITHOUT leaving your current job while bypassing the 'so-called' 1-2 years of experience requirements.
  • How you can build a 6-figure cybersecurity career while enjoying everything about your new lifestyle and be proud of the value you create... And the hidden strategy that makes it happen WITHOUT leaving your home or going back to college!
  • And...How you can do all of this while staying true to yourself and becoming the true leader in your career you've always wanted to be.

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