People can either be a source of vulnerability or one of the most resilient combatants. All employees need to be on the security team.

Peak Cyber instructors are hackers with the heart of a teacher and are uniquely qualified to create custom training programs that are applicable to your company and employees.

Custom, Hands-On & Practical


All organizations are different and require training that is applicable to their environment and threat landscape. We are able to leverage our extensive library of labs to configure the training to your specific needs.


Our custom built CyberLAB™ learning platform provides a seamless training experience. Full virtual machines run in the cloud and can be launched in seconds from your browser with no setup or configuration required.


Our instructors are professional hackers with the heart of a teacher. Understanding the hacker mindset is the first step into defending against cyber criminals. They focus on the context of how concepts are applicable in the real-world. They are uniquely able to do this by drawing.

Security Awareness Training

This course is designed to strengthen the overall security posture of your entire staff.

This course details proper cybersecurity protocols and procedures, teaches regular staff members what to look for in cybersecurity threats and examines how to recognize social engineering attempts and best practices for communicating threats to the designed security team.

Our seasoned cyber security experts have trained thousands, from public & private sector employees to international organization members from NATO and university students. At Peak Cyber Institute, we provide:  

  • Technical cyber security training courses  
  • Cyber security awareness programs  
  • Non-technical cyber security strategy courses  
  • “Cyber Resolve” seminars tailored for the Board Members and Executives

We can deliver these programs both in your premises and in our central London office. Depending on the size of participants, we tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today and discover how can our experts improve your cyber security knowledge & skills. and ask for a quote.

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